Core Technology

Smart Systems support Smarter Ventures

The proliferation of the Internet and the subsequent adoption of Big Data, IoT and now, Deep Learning techniques, across Parks and Entertainment, Retail Markets, Grocery, Events and the Hospitality sectors has indicated how computer vision and machine learning technology are being employed to solve everyday problems centring around object detection, security, tracking and verification. At Deep North, our team comprising Computer Engineers and Mathematicians focuses on Deep Learning – based algorithm and architecture to help you resolve organizational bottlenecks and achieve new levels of accuracy.

Action and gesture recognition

Training for gesture detection is based on our proprietary deep learning models. The model is measured for its accuracy and multi target tracking technique is combined to capture real-time, reliable high precision human detection and tracking metrics.

Object detection

We use multiple depth networks as one system unit to accurately detect the object. Once setup on a network, we can effectively extract the information of the objects in motion and generate rich metadata and important properties.

Face attribute analysis

Analysis of age and gender is based on our proprietary face recognition engine. Our solution is tailored to deliver instant live results helping customers in various use cases.

Cross camera tracking

Multi camera human tracking technique is based on our proprietary deep learning algorithm. We perform many techniques to identify humans, detect their reappearance in different scenes, identify and recognize their specific character for more accurate results .