Executing a smart retail strategy begins with knowing your customer. Deep North helps you transform your in store video data into intelligent insights and influence the modern digital shopper to buy as they shop in the physical store.

Our AI technology allows retailers to design their store with shopper-centric experiences in mind, by understanding in-store shoppers patterns and preferences. Our NorthPoint platform provides retailers with:

  • Prediction and how and where shoppers flow throughout your store to maximize merchandising, inventory and staffing.
  • What product sell the most and what locations are preforming better than others.
  • Know about your shopper’s demographics, preferences and habits to create a great in-store shopping experience with AI-driven insights.

Store Occupancy

How many customers visit my store and how many are in my store at any given time. We can even match occupancy to the time of day, weekdays and weekends and the weather.

Customer Demographics

Age, Gender, Emotions to provide better service and personalized merchandising. Knowing accurate customer demographics lets retailers plan services, and tailor their merchandising.

Product Interaction

How do customers interact with products and how to influence their purchase. DeepNorth’s advance gesture analytics show retailers how customers interact with shelves, end caps, and special merchandising.

Instore Customer Experience

How long are customers waiting in line and the journey of customers throughout the store. DeepNorth’s emotion detection can show levels of customers’ satisfaction and irritation.

Top Use Cases

Improve Operational Intelligence

Optimal store staffing plans is direct impact of understanding store occupancy and customer flows over time. Deep North provide most effective strategies by understating real time occupancy, gestures and traffic flows within the retail store.

Smart Merchandising

Right merchandise at the right place. With Deep North’s AI-guided data, retailer can now position their merchandise at the right vantage points within the store and influence the in-store sales. This leads to a highly personalized experience for shoppers.

Customer Intelligence

A 360°degree view of customer. Deep North provides rich data on customer activity, demographics and interaction with their products in real time. Shopping in the physical world can be a great experience now.