Grocery stores are being challenged to meet the needs of the new generation of consumers. Building efficient and effective AI-based insights is the first step in optimizing the shopping experience for all demographics in the grocery store.

Deep North’s AI-technology can simplify complexities throughout the shopper journey, from the time the enter the store to exit and creating a friction less shopping experience. Deep North provides grocers with:

  • Strategies to win the customer shopping trip.
  • Influencing your customer purchases “at the shelf”.
  • Growing the basket size.
  • Building customer loyalty.

Customer Journey

Understanding the customer movement from entry to exit and how customers interacted at various locations within the store.

Product Interaction

How do customers interact with products, their dwell times and their shopping gestures in the store.

Real-time offer discovery

By knowing the product engagement and customer journey our technology can provide accurate data to offer promotions that convert into new revenues.

Great Customer Experience

Providing a consistent and value-based shopping experience leads to high customer loyalty. Our customer emotion detection further helps grocers generate a store satisfaction index and a 360° view on the customer.

Top Use Cases

Growing Basket Size

Influencing sales with cross merchandising offers provided by Deep North AI technology. By understanding customers intent,we can provide information that identifies product relationships (e.g. cereal, milk, fruit).

Customer Intelligence

A 360°degree view of customer. Build deeper relationships and gain loyalty with customers using Deep North’s AI-driven video analytics data on customer activity demographics and interaction with their products in real time.

Shelf Engagement

Win-win strategy for Vendors and Customers. Deep North’s AI based gesture analytics identifies effectiveness of store shelves and how products perform based on positioning, customers engagement, marketing and merchandising efforts.