Event Mangers are looking for innovative way to create a great experience at large trade and event shows. Deep North’s AI based Event Analytics provides a new level of metrics and insights that truly helps customers with real time and high value information to create successful events.

Our event solutions provide event organizers with the key event metrics:

  • Total Trips.
  • Unique Traffic.
  • Peak Occupancy.
  • Average Dwell Time.

Real-time event attendance

With AI-based Deep North products traffic flow and occupancy at an event can be accurately monitored, providing information on entrances and exits, movement of people within an event, and the total occupancy at any given time.

Event Interaction & Customer Journey

Understanding the customer movement from entry to exit and how customers interacted at various location within the store. A bonus is our AI-based gesture detection technology that can provide information on interaction with exhibits, and product demonstrations.


Age and gender of the event attendance is a key metric and understanding the mix of visitors helps event organizers better plan event in the future.