Commercial Real Estate

Deep North products provides CRE mangers and owners with AI based systems to manage buildings more efficiently make the environment a safer place.

Building managers using our AI-based technology and systems can know the following:

  • Security: Detecting abnormal behaviour such as unruly crowds and transients.
  • Intelligent Alerts: 24-hour surveillance of the building property, both inside and outside.
  • Occupancy: How many people are in the building at any given time.


Deep North products include a comprehensive security system that can detect categories of interest and issue alerts for emergency vehicles, unusual motion detection, transients, crowds, and more. Our AI-based motion and gesture detection can identify unusual activity such as unauthorised entries, motion detection, crowd detection and high priority security alerts.

Real-time observation

Managers can see the current state of their building’s occupancy and activity in real time to plan for better energy management. Our intelligent tracking systems provides data on building occupancy based on the traffic flows, enabling managers to manage their energy resources (HVAC) in a more efficient way.

Traffic Flow

Understanding the occupants’ movement from entry to exit and how occupants interacted at various areas within the building.