Welcome to Deep North

“Deep learning + AI – Redefining Video Analytics for Enterprises“

Digitize your physical environment today with Deep North AI Platform and unleash the power of your existing video assets by deploying our game-changing enterprise software. Drive intelligent decision making utilizing revolutionary artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. By leveraging our solution, enterprises can now rapidly generate ROI across an infinite number of use cases and applications.

Our Markets

Design better customer experiences by leveraging video data to boost your operations and better marketing insights. Deep North helps you transform your video cameras into intelligent insights. Here’s how.

Our Products

Helping enterprises doing business in the physical retail world understand customer engagement, behaviour and actions. Deep North products and technology are customer centric—we provide the data and analytics that help retail businesses understand how their customers, visitors and shoppers interact with their retail environments in shopping malls, grocery stores, retail stores, and events.


Our team of computer-vision engineers and mathematicians focuses on building Deep-Learning-based algorithms and advance cloud architecture. The result: A truly innovative and intelligent platform for analysing human behaviour in the physical world.

Deep North patent-pending superior algorithms help customers understand human engagement in the physical world with these features:

  • Motion and Object Detection
  • Object Tracking
  • Action and Gesture Detection

We redefined video analytics with

Deep Learning + AI powered analytics
AI Scalable platform on cloud and premise
Fully automated and real time data
Accurate and Continuous Learning Platform